About Us

Amplify 52 is guided by the experience of our executive leadership team and aligned specifically for the benefit of our Customers. There are two delivery Teams that collaborate tirelessly together to create a unique experience for our Customers.

First, our Advisory Board.  Containing over 100 collective years in the technology industry, bringing unique insight to the SEO capabilities of Amplify 52.  The experience, industry alignment and insight into the platforms powering the internet makes our perspective highly unique.  It is what has allowed us to develop Amplify 52’s proprietary design thinking and data driven process we extended to our Customers.

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Brandon Northup

Advisory Board, Chairman

Mr. Northup represents our 6 member Advisory Board made up of technology leaders in the industry.  His focus is on the company's strategic direction and delivering against the revenue opportunities our Customers seek from platforms like Google.  His three decades of experience in technology, having worked for companies like Amazon, Google, Oracle, Dun & Bradstreet and SAP, aligns Amplify 52 unlike any other in the SEO industry.  His relationships with key leaders across the industry, greatly advance Amplify’s go-to-market which translates into value and revenue for our Customers.

Second, our Executive Leadership.  This team consists of the brightest talent from around the world.  They are chartered with consistently delivering against the customized Outcomes we've designed with each of our Customers. 

Founding Member

Matt Colletta

Chief Digital Officer, Director of SEO Strategy & Execution

Mr. Colletta is the global leader of our executive team members spanning 8 regions of the world. Matt has over 10 years SEO experience working across multiple industries and disciplines having achieved remarkable results. Matt orchestrates Amplify 52 resources, leveraging the power of a geographically dispersed team allowing us to acquire with the best and the brightest. This affords Amplify 52 scalability, agility and economies of scale to then be passed along to our Customers.

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A message from the Board about Matt...

Over the course of 10 years, many customers have come to us seeking input on previous strategies put in place by other firms.  Matt and team have conducted dozens of proprietary evaluations.  It consists of 10 highly technical steps leveraging technology platforms, code knowledge, distributed computing architecture, algorithmic alignment and Google search heuristics.  The output from this evaluation routinely comes back with a low yield score due to basic strategies having been employed.  In almost every case, these firms severely lack the technical knowledge required to orchestrate a true SEO program.   They are focused on hiring a creative skill-set with emphasis on designing the website and have little to no technical experience.  The design of a website is important, only if Google ranks you and your customer can find you. 

Matt's technical qualifications are extensive and proven.  However, it starts with a very specific type of mind.  Matt at an early age was well known for his incredible exploits in the world of professional poker.  He was ranked as one of the top 20 poker players in the world and his capacity for the complex is well known. It is his mental clock-speed, technical aptitude and 10 years of results oriented SEO experience at the core of Amplify 52.  He instills a disciplined and structured approach to solving for the technical SEO challenge, deciphering the Google algorithmic view of your company's digital footprint.  

In Matt's words, Google's consideration of static, dynamic and formulaic content contained in your website, as well as engagement signals Google uses to process deterministic models that create SEO yield. 

Matt demands his Team view every Customer of Amplify 52 as if it were their own company.  Every decision or recommended amount of spend needs to be aligned to the desired Outcome of the Customer with an ability to prove we've accomplished the goal.

Therefore, Matt's Team has the responsibility of all front-end analysis and current-state of every Customer.  He owns the future-state deliverable whereby we illustrate the increased revenue potential due to strategically managed digital footprint.  He continues to advance every Customer’s Digital Footprint over time adjusting for realized benefits from technological changes.  Amplify 52 then provides systematic reporting on a monthly basis to illustrate the benefits of our work.